Spring Newsletter 2023

April 24, 2023

Whether you are new to the clinic or have been with us from the beginning, we are glad you are here!

We had very humble beginnings and now we seem to be growing at an exponential rate. With growth comes change. As the Greek  philosopher Heraclitus said “There is nothing permanent except change”.

We have new faces in the clinic, a clinic in Poulsbo as well as Manette. So many new patients, and a much busier practice.

Here are some ways we can improve your experience:



Most days we have two people answering phones and still can not get to each of you personally as you call in. This is why when you call you need to leave a message. All front desk messages are handled by the end of the day. When you call and do not leave a message we do not know you need us.


Medication refills, specific needs from your provider- please do this on the provider line. It is a message phone, and a text line 360-621-1104.

You can also reach this line by hitting option 2 when calling the main front desk line.

Price Changes

We had an increase in our membership price this year. This is our 4th increase since we opened our doors nearly 9 years ago. It is never our goal to price people out of our services so if you are having a hardship please let us know. We can work with you on payment plans or scholarships if needed.
With this we will have some new charges for clinic add on services starting in May (member prices; not for billable Medicare patients):

  • B-12  Injections : $10
  • Toradol Injections: $15
  • Joint Injections :$20 per body part
  • Tetanus shot : $47
  • CDL Physicals (starting in August)
    •  Member: $50
    •  Non Members: $150 (not Medicare)
  • Acupuncture
    • Members/Medicare: $40-$70
    • Non Members :$100 (not medicare)

Clinic Staff & Schedule


We are approaching warmer months which brings vacations for our staff. Work life balance is something we strive for, taking good care of ourselves helps us take good care of you.  We appreciate your patience if we are down in staffing at a particular time you want an appointment. It’s okay to see a different provider if yours is away.


We piloted an urgent care in our Manette location for the months of February and March, hoping to help with the lack of community urgent care clinics on the weekends. We did this as a service to the community.  We were able to help about 6 patients during this time and may do another pilot of this idea in the Fall. For now we will not be open on Saturdays.


This Summer Tammy will be moving back to South Carolina to be closer to family. We will miss her terribly.

If you happen to know a licensed nurse that would love to be a part of our amazing staff. Have them send a cover letter and CV to tanya[email protected].

Appointments & Refills


Please allow 2-3  business days for all refills, especially controlled refills. Best requested directly thru your pharmacy or the provider line.


Plan ahead for your yearly wellness exam then we can make sure you get in with your provider of choice at a time that is best for you and for us.


We do our best to get urgent exams (illness or injury) on the same day. This may not be with your provider if they do not have openings. Our providers communicate with each other so do not worry about seeing someone different.