How does this work?

A new type of medical care can be a little (or maybe a lot) confusing, so don’t worry. But think of The Manette Clinic like this: remember those old movies where the doctor showed up at someone’s house who was sick? A medical provider who is there when you need them, is at the heart of what we do, but we’ve also brought our practice into the 21st century.

First, you pay a monthly membership fee which covers most of your primary care needs. Appointments in our clinic are scheduled at least 30 minutes long, you can reach your provider by phone for quick questions and help, and scheduling a Skype meeting is simple. You may also be able to have the provider visit you at home if needed. Beyond the ease of access to your provider, there is also the advantage of discounted prescriptions, labs, and other services. We can do this because the middle man has been cut out so the services are at the price they really should be and will not break your wallet.

Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Well it’s very real and if you want to read more about the movement of this type of medical care, called Direct Primary Care, visit here to read more. All are welcome to be a part of The Manette Clinic and anyone is eligible to be a patient at our clinic even with pre-existing medical conditions.

As far as treating patients who do not live in the state of Washington, our providers are only licensed in the state of Washington, so that is not possible. However if you are a patient on vacation or out of the state for a temporary amount of time and need to get in touch with us, that is a different story and we can certainly help you.


***Chronic pain patients: you would be much better served by being seen by a specialist for your pain issues. We would be happy to refer you to a great pain management provider but at this time we are not taking any new patients on chronic pain management.***



Take a look at our membership page to get the cost.

We do not bill insurance.*  You do not need to carry insurance to be a member with us.  However, due to the Federal requirements, you may be expected to purchase health insurance or pay the fine at the end of the year.  If you have insurance, you can still use it for outside prescriptions, labs and referrals, as well as for big ticket items like surgery and intensive treatments and specialty care.

There are many things we provide without the hassle of billing your insurance, all covered in your membership.  You may be able to  save a lot of money and time when pairing with a high-deductible health insurance plan (vs. standard low-deductible/”copay” insurance plans).

Most things are included, like physicals and routine check ups for chronic illness, or if you are sick.

We are adding routine labs for a minimal fee but be assured, if there is an additional charge, we will let you know ahead of time. This type of plan will save you money and time in the long run. Also, the prices are the same for everyone across the board regardless of insurance, income, and how much you use or don’t use our services.

Call us if you have any questions: 360.621.2696

* Medicare is the only insurance that is billed at The Manette Clinic.  If you have Medicare as your primary insurance, then you would not be under the monthly membership plan.  We accept a limited amount of Medicare patients.  Please call us to check for availability.




Being a Manette Clinic patient

What more could you ask for in medical care? This is personalized to you and your family, to keep you healthy, and happy. If you’re worried about “over-using” your membership, don’t be! Honestly, we like to believe that frequent care is better care, the less likely you will have a major medical expense.

Our in-person appointments are at least 30 minutes long and for as long as you need them to be!

There are a great number of things which can be helped like chronic and other long-suffering issues not requiring a physical exam. However, issues requiring a physical exam should be in-office or at your home. For any confusion, you can always contact us first and we’d be happy to help differentiate which would be more appropriate, but don’t hesitate to contact the provider.

We are certainly available at all times when you need us, there is patient access to our scheduling so you can schedule your appointment online. Once you are set up with us, you’ll have the cell phone of the provider.

As far as being seen, yes you need to have a membership, it’s not open to the public like an urgent care.

There is no long term contract for The Manette Clinic. There is a signup fee and you can cancel at any time.