A Cost-Effective Alternative to Expensive Health Insurance

The Manette Clinic has partnered with Liberty Health Share to offer Liberty Direct, a cost-effective alternative to expensive health insurance.  Rather than health insurance, Liberty Direct is a medical cost-sharing program for individuals, families, and even employers.  Membership with Liberty Direct is a government-recognized alternative to purchasing health insurance, meaning that members with Liberty Direct do not have to pay the ACA tax penalty.

Patients find this to be incredibly valuable for two important reasons:

1.The monthly savings are very significant for a lot of people.The monthly costs are easy to understand, so you can quickly determine if you or your family would save money with this program (see chart below).



2.Out of your Monthly Share with Liberty Direct, Liberty Direct will send The Manette Clinic payment towards your membership (see chart below).  This means your monthly membership fees with The Manette Clinic will be paid off or greatly reduced.


To learn more about Liberty Direct,

Contact Liberty Direct directly via their website at: www.libertydirect.org or give them a call: (800) 991-4885


Contact The Manette Clinic via email: themanetteclinic@gmail.com or give us a call: (360) 621-2696